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VersaCheck® X1 - Silver
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VersaCheck® X1 - Silver


Product Information
Introducing VersaCheck X1! A new ultra-secure platform for creation and delivery of highly secure and safeguarded paper checks. This new solution offers counterfeit prevention, financial account protection, real-time deposit alerts and avoidance of credit card finance charges.

VersaCheck X1 Silver is a powerful financial tool that can help you manage your accounts, track accounts and transactions, and write, send and receive checks. This multi-featured program will help you save time and money, and will allow you to manage your finances with ease! With VersaCheck X1 Silver you can create and print your own custom PERSONAL checks in just minutes with your Windows PC and laser or inkjet printer! Create checks that express your style and fit your individual needs. Save 50 - 80% or more vs. preprinted checks from your bank or mail-order! VersaCheck allows you to print all the elements necessary to be 100% compliant with all U.S. bank requirements, including your bank's stylized code number (which includes your account number) on the bottom of the check.

VersaCheck X1 Silver implements the highest government mandated standards to protect consumers and merchants. After a simple and non-invasive online validation process you will be enabled to print DNA Secure™ and online verifiable Checks. DNA Secure™ checks use complex personalization of the check's security background as a means to uniquely individualize each check with eye-catching security patterns. The system can alert you of unauthorized checking account activity and allows merchants to verify a checks' authenticity. This combined with the new personalized digital print patterns delivers the ultimate in security to personal and commercial check-based transactions.

This VersaCheck® X1 package includes the Silver DNA Secure software. Use VersaCheck® Security Check Paper as your blank security check paper refill.


  • Manage All Your Finances
  • Create & Print Custom PERSONAL DNA Secure™ Checks that comply 100% with ANSI X9 banking standards.
  • Save 50-80% vs. Buying Pre-printed Mail-Order Checks, part of a complete line of 100% bank compliant check writing supplies.
  • Windows™ 7 Certified, works alone and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks®, Quicken®, Money and more.
  • Use TruSign™ time saving electronic signature manager.
  • Works with inkjet & laser printers.

    System Requirements:

  • Windows™ 7, Vista, XP (SP2), 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008
  • Pentium II 266 (Pentium II 300+ recommended)
  • 150 MB hard disk space
  • Min 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • CD-ROM (for software installation)
  • Laser or inkjet printer supported by Windows
  • Internet access required for online features

    Software Requirements for Check Printing:

  • Validated bank account (account validation process included with purchase).
  • VersaCheck® Security Check Paper.
  • Inkjet printer with VersaInk’™ MICR black ink or Laser printer with VersaToner™ MICR black toner.
  • Compliance Validation Codes included in all VersaCheck®, VersaInk™, VersaToner™ packages to enable a flawless bank compliant check printing experience.

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